Lutron Aurora Wireless Lighting Control System Light Almond

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Model Number: AR-ENT-1-LA
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AuroRa is a pre-programmed, wireless, radio frequency lighting control system that provides remote control of lights in and around your home.

The AuroRaR system installs as quickly and easily as five light switches. Your system comes complete, ready to use, no programming required.

Simply replace switches with AuroRa dimmers, then, for remote control of your lights, plug in the tabletop master control and clip the wireless controller to the car visor.

The central antenna ensures reliable RF communication between all system components. It can be plugged into a standard wall outlet and placed discreetly in a closet or under a bed.

Control lights from each dimmer for individual room control, or adjust multiple lights at the touch of a button using the wireless controller or tabletop master control.

Dimming your lights saves electricity and extends the life of your light bulbs. For example, if you dim your lights 50%, you can save 40% on electricity and extend the life of your light bulbs up to 20 times.

Product Features:

  • Wireless Controller**- one button controls 5 areas of light (visor clip and wall mount included)
  • Safety - Light your way home
    • Navigate safely from your car into and throughout your home with AuroRa's wireless controller. Whether you are leaving for the evening, or returning home at night, AuroRa lets you control the lights from inside or outside your home.*
      • All On - turns all dimmers on to 100% brightness
      • All Off - turns all dimmers off
      • Favorite - turns all dimmers on to their current slider levels
      • * up to 100 ft. typical control range
  • Simplicity - Complement activities with the perfect light
    • Set the right light level for relaxing, watching TV, reading, or preparing a meal. Control individual room lights by installing AuroRa dimmers in 5 key areas of the home.
      • Tap the large button to turn lights on and off
      • Move the slider to adjust lights to your favorite setting
      • Versatile design Installs with traditional or designer-style wallplates.
  • Convenience - Convenient bedside control of your lights
    • Tabletop Master Control** - plug into a standard wall outlet to control all system lights from anywhere in the home.
    • Turn any room into a relaxing retreat with soft, subtle lighting. From the comfort of your bed, press one button to control the lights in and around your home-no need to walk from room to room to control each light.
      • Press a button to turn individual room dimmers off-or on, to their locally set slider levels
      • Turn all dimmers on to 100%
      • Turn all dimmers off
  • Discover the benefits of AuroRa wireless lighting control. Simple to install... Easy to operate... Pre-programmed to work right out of the box.
    • AuroRa dimmers install as easily as light switches
    • One system controls 5 areas of light
    • Press a button-create a safe path of light into, and throughout your home
    • Patented RF technology-ensures reliable communication between system components
    • NEW! AuroRa Security Package - Provides emergency alert when home security system is activated (not included, compatible with HomeLinkR)
  • System Requirements: 600 W incandescent/halogen loads 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Package Contents:
    • (5) Wall dimmers
    • (5) Designer inserts
    • (1) Master control
    • (1) Wireless controller
    • (1) Central antenna

Product Specifications

Length: 3.125
Width: 20.5
Height: 12.5

Pack Weight:
Pack Length:
Pack Width:
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